Butterfly Gardens at Monteverde: Learned Lots! Had Fun!

The Blue Morpho Butterfly

This butterfly garden, a not for profit whose proceeds support a local library, looks unassuming in its promotional material so I wasn’t expecting much.

It was about a 10 minute walk from the lodge I was staying at (not four minutes as my map app said – there was no such intersecting road in real life…)  Walking steeply downhill on a very hot day and wondering what the walk back would be like, I started to second guess going at all.

Nonetheless, I went in and as luck would have it, was able to join the last tour of the day about five minutes into the start of it.

Monteverde Butterfly Gardens' Unassuming Exterior

Monteverde Butterfly Gardens’ Unassuming Exterior

Sam, the volunteer guide running the tour when I arrived, graciously and seamlessly integrated me and then later, more latecomers to our tour, which started with some education about local insects. It was even interesting to a non-insect fan.  I particularly loved the picture of the Leaf-Mimic Katydid and Sam’s explanation of these insects’ defenses against predators.

Leaf-Mimic Katydid on Sam's hand

Leaf-Mimic Katydid on Sam’s hand

Sam explained the Butterfly life cycle to us.  To his left you can see what look like jewelry on a board.  These are actually pupae.  Here’s a close-up.

Butterfly Pupae close up

Butterfly Pupae close up

We then proceeded to three different gardens, seeing a number of types of butterflies at different stages of the life cycle. Two of the gardens were outdoors and one was indoors for types of butterflies that prefer it warmer than it is in the highlands around Monteverde.

CR Feb2017 butterfly garden BODY-5

The butterflies were fascinating to watch.

CR Feb2017 butterfly garden BODY-7

Butterfly lands long enough to pose for a photo

Butterfly lands long enough to pose for a photo

Our guide Sam was clearly enthusiastic about his topic, knowledgeable and funny. You can’t help but get engaged. I really enjoyed my visit here and learned so much.  I would go back again!

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