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Our Mission

Inspiration, destination.

Several years ago my wife and I were planning a trip to celebrate our anniversary. We wanted to go somewhere warm, off the beaten track. We needed inspiration.

Luckily we ran across a couple of friends in our neighbourhood who had recently visited the village of Hopkins, a small fishing town on the Belize coast. They were enchanted with the place; the people were warm and friendly and there was a variety of activities to keep our interest. We spent most of an afternoon in a local coffee shop hearing about their adventures.

Destination. We booked the trip and, on their advice, went kayaking and snorkeling, explored the rainforest, and visited ancient Mayan ruins. We now share warm memories of the adventure with others that we meet.

TravelIdeas.com is a place where you can inspire fellow travellers with stories about some of the amazing places you’ve been. Your story can be about a kayak trip on a mountain lake in the Canadian Rockies or a visit to Machu Picchu in Peru. Whatever moves you.

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