Rothe House

Irish giant deer antlers

We spent an interesting couple of hours exploring Rothe House & Garden in the city of Kilkenny, Ireland.

The grounds of Rothe House

The grounds of Rothe House

Rothe House literature says it is the only example of an early 17th century merchant’s townhouse in Ireland. The construction of the first part of the house started in 1594. As the family grew (12 children in total), more rooms were added till there were three houses in total and an upstairs garden.

The first house was a storefront and still is today. Here you can buy souvenirs as well as inquire about the genealogy services offered – Rothe House is the centre for Irish genealogy in Kilkenny city and county, and they can help you research your Irish roots.

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Irish giant deer antlers hang at the same height it would have stood when it was alive

Best to do some homework online and book an appointment prior to coming to avoid disappointment especially during the busy summer months. The genealogist in my case was very helpful, providing copies of documents I would not have been able to find myself.

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The House and Garden are open to the public as a Museum and definitely worth a visit.

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